The Third Wave = Church at Home

“Fear not to go forward as you are engaged in the Lord’s work, and go on this distant mission at His command; it is your privilege to plead the Saviour’s promise to be present with you. While you feel your own weakness and unfitness for so great a work, forget not the strength of His Almighty arm. Live near to Him, and you will have nothing to fear.”

– Walter Lowrie, 1846
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Why Church Planting and Education?

“Are you sure you’re going to get a lot of people coming to your church?” 

This was the question posed to Matt when he was sharing with someone we met while we were out one day and sharing about what we will be doing in Thailand. And it’s a good question when you take into consideration that Thailand is only 0.6% Christian. Yes, you read that right. Thailand is not even 1% Christian. Many folks have an idea of what church planting looks like that comes from the way things are done here in the US. When someone is wanting to plant a church in the US, they might gather a team of other believers who will help lead the church, work to develop their mission and values, secure a building, set a target launch date, and send out invitations to the entire community announcing the new church. And while nothing is wrong with that model and in fact it works well for many churches here in the US, it doesn’t work the same way in countries where there isn’t a Christian background or heritage. 

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The Impact of Missions: The Saints Were Home Before We Started

“Missions doesn’t change them as much as it changes you,” Jeremiah told me over a cup of Higher Grounds coffee one cold day in January a couple of years ago. I wasn’t convinced. I went to Thailand with lofty dreams of changing the nation, or at least the city of Pattaya, one life at a time. I expected that Jesus would use me to make a big impact on them.

And He did. Tourists encountered Jesus. Ladyboys were loved into a place of greater wholeness. Children were kissed and cuddled and affirmed in their identity. Prostitutes met Grace. My life got wrecked.

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