Discipleship Materials

Our loving Heavenly Father gave everything for us to know Him and be in relationship with Him. He wants us to give everything back to Him. This page has little devotional lessons designed to help you grow in knowing Him and in loving Him.

The Bible

The Bible Roadmap
The Bible is like a roadmap from our loving heavenly Father, showing us the way we are to go in our lives.

How can we understand the Bible?

This lesson will give you some important tools to help you understand God’s love letter to us more.

Reading the Bible with the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is like a heavenly GPS system for us, helping us understand our heavenly roadmap.

What is the Bible?

Where does the Bible come from and how was it written?


Why Should I Pray?

What is the benefit to prayer? Why should I pray?

A Model Prayer

Jesus taught his disciples a way to pray. We will look at that in this lesson.

How Do I Pray?

What are some of the secrets to prayer? Learn here.

More devotional topics to come.