You are My Freedom

The heat of the smoggy Bangkok afternoon was beginning to fade as we walked back towards the Nana Plaza. Nikki and Allen, our gracious hosts while staying in Bangkok and guides of sorts while we were out prayer walking the area surrounding one of the city’s major red light districts, wanted to meet up with some of the friends they knew at Nana at around 5:30. Though that was about an hour away we had agreed we wanted to find a bar and sit down and talk with someone while we waited.


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The Glad Worker

Joy is prayer – Joy is strength – Joy is love – Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.

~ Mother Teresa ~

During the last couple of weeks, Jesus has been challenging me in the area of having joy. It started one day when He told me to repent for not being a happy christian. It seemed a little odd at first. It made me feel like happiness was something I should always possess, or that I couldn’t be real with how I was feeling. But he prompted me to see that the Joy that is our strength and is the fruit of His Spirit isn’t somber, but full of cheer. Continue reading