“Shae Shae’s” World…

During my second week in Thailand, on a slow day when I was simply sitting at the Tamar Center, I was thumbing through the list of contacts on my phone and saw her number… or what was once her number. I took a deep breath and decided to try…

“Hello?” Came the voice at the other end.

Shae Shae?” I asked tentatively. “It’s Amy, do you remember me?”

“Of course, I remember,” she said. “Where are you?”

“I’m in Thailand… in Pattaya. I miss you. I want to see you.”


“Well, if you have time…”

And so it began that day… our friendship has been rekindled. I’ve gone to see this dear one nearly every week since being here. Life has not been easy for her since I left. She hasn’t always gotten the help she’s needed, and though she has received some help it has not been enough to get her out of the bars. Until she met a man… a man from Sweeden who said he loved her and who became her boyfriend. With his help, she left the bars and has lived a comfortable life in Pattaya.

I wish this had come another way for her… she deserves much better. And she realized it just a couple weeks ago and broke it off with him. She’s saying now she needs a good job. Not like the job she had before. I agree. I wouldn’t want her to go back to that hell for anything. Now I’m just waiting. Praying. And asking. Surely someone in Pattaya could help a young one who is wanting to change her life, is having dreams at night of being a missionary in China, loves children, takes excellent pictures, speaks English perfectly and Thai decently, and knows more about what happens in Pattaya than most and was at one point training to become a tour guide. Please believe with me for opportunities to open for Shae Shae. Pray that the destiny God has for her to come to pass.


3 thoughts on ““Shae Shae’s” World…

  1. I am praying and love getting your updates. Praying for your prayer and support partners too. God knows the need is great for change.
    I pray for boldness and a new convinced as Shea Shea looks for the work and purpose God has for her. I pray God’s favor rests on her in a tangible way. I pray for her perseverance and ability to wait on the Lord, surrendered to His voice and drawn closer and closer to HIM. I pray for her teachable heart.

  2. I found out today that it’s much more complicated for Shae Shae because she’s lacking papers to be here in Thailand legally. Correcting this will cost roughly 33,000 bhat or roughly $1050, US. Pray for open doors for her to go home and that she’ll have the desire to make things right.

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