What Love Sees – Part 2

Just a fair warning, this post may also ruffle a few religious feathers.


After a day packed with love-encounter after love-encounter, it was glorious to head back to PrideFest. I was so full of anticipation of what God might do. It was just four of us this time, with only Chelsea being one of the ones who had come with me the day before, but I was confident Love would shine through us again to this community. After arriving at the park, our team walked the loop prayerfully once more. Our first encounter was with two men and their beautiful dogs. We asked them if we could practice giving encouraging words to them and they said yes. But once we explained that we were learning to hear God’s voice for them they told us that they weren’t into religion and told us to have a good day.

Pat suggested that we try a more conversational approach and to start off by being a friend and giving the words we received, then just kind of drop in how we were hearing from God. We agreed with him that it was a good strategy and decided to give it a try. It was a different approach than I was used to, but it really seemed to open up more relational doors with people. One of the first couples we approached was two ladies sitting on a bench. One of them had a tattoo sleeve full of Muppet characters. I felt like with it, Papa was highlighting her childlike spirit. As Ashley, Chelsea and I shared the words we were getting with them, they were being blown away by how accurate they were and we shared how it was because what we were getting was from Jesus. “He knows you and He loves you. He just wants you to know how much he knows you and loves you.”

We had several other encounters of this nature, running into people, speaking with them about who God says that they are and then releasing it in a way that was conversational. But it was the last such encounter of the day that sticks with me. We approached a group of several young adults sitting on the ground and just struck up conversation with them. Then as we felt we had the go ahead from them, we began releasing what Daddy was showing us about them. Though the words were right on and impactful, what sticks with me the most was what happened after, when we were just chatting and I found myself talking with the couple who were wearing “Legalize Trans*” shirts. I asked them why this was so important to them, and they explained that if transgender were legalized they would have more opportunity for medical procedures to be covered and for better opportunities in general for him. Then the gal asked told me thank you for coming out and doing what we were doing. I nodded and just said that we enjoy doing coming out and letting people know that God loves them and is for them. She said that wasn’t the perspective of God that had been demonstrated to them. Most of the people who talked to them about God were telling them how God hates fags. I took that opportunity to apologize for those who hadn’t represented God’s heart well to them and emphasized again that God loves them and is for them.

To me, those encounters, the ones that left a fresh taste of God’s goodness in peoples’ mouths, were the ones we were there for. Yes, I absolutely love seeing the incredible signs, wonders, and miracles that often accompany us on these adventures. Yes, I am thrilled when people come to know Jesus… But if God can use me to interact with someone in a way  that can leave them in a place where they’d be open to another God-encounter, then it is all worth it.

Paul talks about how we have been given the ministry of reconciliation in 2 Corinthians 5. Rarely have I seen someone who feels entirely alienated from God come to Him in one single encounter. Rather, each encounter is an opportunity to bring them closer to the Lover of their Souls who is in relentless pursuit of them and who loves them more than they could ever imagine.


One thought on “What Love Sees – Part 2

  1. Hi, Amy!

    It was great to read your posts and see that you haven’t changed. Keep on fighting the good fight and accurately representing the Father’s love.

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