Migrant Health Screening

One of the ministries we volunteered with while in Pattaya is Pattaya Slum Ministries. In addition to seeking to help the poor help themselves through education, skills training and income generating projects in Pattaya’s slums, Pattaya Slum Ministries (PSM) goes into the Cambodian migrant worker camps offering medical health screenings. Many people from Cambodia, Burma, India and other poorer nations surrounding Thailand come to Thailand with the hopes of making a better life for themselves. Unfortunately, most end up in hard manual labor, working construction and other jobs that Thai people do not wish to work, making barely enough to get by. Over 500 people live in just the one migrant camp we visited.

Two out of our allotted four checked bags were loaded with donated basic medical supplies to give out to these dear people during health screenings. While we were in Pattaya was during the time that the first Cambodian DTS team came to help PSM, allowing them to offer one of the largest screenings that they had done to date, serving 240 individuals with blood pressure checks and medication. Many of the individuals in the camps have ailments that seem to be caused by lack of access to clean water. A few weeks after returning from Thailand, however, we heard that Justice Water and a DTS team from Siam Reap, Cambodia came and put in a water filter, allowing these dear ones to have access to clean drinking water.

Matt and I hosted a prayer booth right outside the shelter that housed the screenings, offering prayer for those waiting in line. For four hours alongside our Cambodian translators from the DTS team, we prayed for the sick, prophesied and released the kingdom.

We saw many healed on the spot, though we weren’t always aware it was happening. One lady started telling all the people around that the pain in her knees left when we prayed, which was glorious! We were able to lead one dear lady to the Lord and see countless others experience his power.

One gentleman that I spoke with towards the end of our time in the migrant camp shared that he had heard of Jesus, but he wasn’t ready to follow Him just yet. He seemed to me like a strong intellectual type who needed to be confident in his decision of which path to follow. Through the translator, I shared with him that I felt the Lord was saying he was at a pivotal point and that a day was coming soon when he would know it was time to decide which God was the true God. We prayed for him that God would show him clearly before then which God is True.

Here are a few shots I managed to sneak in between praying for individuals in the migrant camp…












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