A Summer of Preparation for Abolition

img_5805The summer and beginning of fall have flown by for us at amazing pace as we have been developing our partnership team. It has been a joy meeting with individuals, families, small groups and prayer meetings and sharing our heart to see Jesus receive His inheritance from among the exploited in Bangkok. We would love to have the opportunity to share with you, your church, small group, or prayer meeting, so please let us know if you’d like to invite us in.In August, we had an opportunity to attend Exodus Cry’s Abolition Summit in Kanas City. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity since we would be in the area anyway to spend some time in the Prayer Room at the International House of Prayer, so we extended our trip to a full week. Our time in the prayer room was incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating for us. We bumped into one of Matt’s professors from IHOP-U online in the prayer room and had the delightful opportunity to share with him over coffee our heart and vision. During our meeting with Jon, he shared with us about a ministry out of Kansas City that helps individuals recover emotionally from trauma and establish healthy life patterns. We will be taking another trip out to Kanas City later this month to attend a training with Overcoming Strongholds.

The Abolition Summit itself was an incredible experience as over 800 people passionate about Jesus, prayer, and the end of commercial sexual exploitation gathered to worship Jesus, hear from revolutionary leaders in the abolition movement, encounter the Lord’s heart for justice, and get equipped and renewed in their vision. One of the highlights of the summit for us was attending the two hour prayer meeting during each day as Rachel and Wallace Faagutu (Amy’s old college and career pastors) led in worship and in praying for the ending of the sex trade. We also were delighted to hear a survivor share her journey and parallel the process to freedom to the Israelites coming out of bondage in Egypt. While we knew that the healing process is a journey, it was a very insightful parallel.

This weekend, we were delightfully surprised when the director of Dton Naam Ministries was heading through Loveland, CO on a ministry furlough and sabbatical and had the time to stop for a cup of coffee with us. We loved catching up face-to-face, meeting her pup and hearing a bit of what God’s been doing recently in Dton Naam.


Meeting with Celeste in Bangkok in 2015

On the Home Front

Jedidiah recently cut his first tooth and is working on his second. Despite teething, he’s a consistently happy baby who is constantly on the go. He loves to explore the world, army crawling at an amazing pace towards Klenex boxes, the magnets on the fridge and the vent covers on the floor (which he has figured out how to remove and bang around).

Matt is continuing to work for All Phase Restoration. Since the carpet division was sold over the summer, Matt’s primary focus at work has been serving the contents division.

Amy celebrated her fifth year at Nightlight Christian Adoptions this May and continues to work with families who are considering embryo adoption decide if the Snowflakes Program is the right fit for them. Since returning from her maternity leave, she has been sharing this role with a coworker and has also been blogging and raising awareness for Embryo Adoption.


Prayer Points

  • The beloved King of Thailand passed away peacefully this week. Please be praying for the people of Thailand during this time of mourning.
  • Believe with us for our full partnership team to come forward so we can leave for Thailand in early February 2017.
  • Wisdom as we are in this season of transition.
  • In order for us to prepare for Thailand, we will need to downsize and move in with friends or family in December. Please pray for us for open doors for this transitional housing and for wisdom as to which opportunity to take as there are a few possibilities that have arisen.
  • Favor with our workplaces as we are in a season of uncertainty.
  • We have a few opportunities to share with congregations and small groups ahead. Please agree with us for the anointing of the Lord to flow freely and powerfully.


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