Happy 2017!

2016 ended in a blur for the Baldwins. Christmas Eve we moved out of the cozy two-bedroom home we had shared since we were first married and are settling into a temporary transitional home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are so blessed to be here and are thankful to our gracious hosts – Amy’s parents – for allowing us to invade their space. Jedidiah is loving being around Papa and Nana and they love having him around too. Their kitchen and living room, however, often look like a tornado ran through them since he loves taking out all his toys and strewing them everywhere before taking out all the tea from Nana’s drawer.


As we have entered into 2017, we look back and are so thankful for all the Lord has done!  2016 was full of great times meeting with many friends, sharing our calling and vision the Lord has given us. Through our generous partners we have seen the Lord provide more than enough to cover our full start-up fund and 72% of our monthly budget. We are grateful for those who have joined with us as we prepare to serve in the nation of Thailand and are continuing to work towards being fully funded so we can go. We are currently looking into purchasing tickets and securing our visas for departure in late March.

We are looking forward to getting established in Thailand, beginning language school, and working with Dton Naam Ministries. We feel this is such a key time for the ministry as the Lord is bringing a few families on board who are committing for a longer stint of a minimum of two years. One of the new couples on staff is truly an answered prayer as they will be taking on many of the administrative and practical dynamics of the ministry, freeing up the director to focus on counseling and developing relationships with new potential students which is her passion and strength.


We are full of expectancy for what the Lord has in store for the new year. Your partnership is such a key part of empowering us to step into this new season out of a place of strength. Thank you to each of you who has partnered with us – we couldn’t do it without you.


Matt and Amy Baldwin


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