Our Neighbors – Prayer Update

1e30ac42-3e47-477c-b816-a1f2fa7fe77bOver the past couple of weeks our little neighbors have continued to build relationships with us. We are encouraged to see how love is making a difference. Non, for example, has been asking for hugs from Matt when he comes to our house. This isn’t typical for Thais, who generally speaking, are hesitant to give or receive physical affection.

It’s also beautiful to see Jed learn how to pray for his neighbors. Each night before bed he asks to pray for his friends and will ask Amy to sing “Jesus loves me” for JJ, or one of his other friends.

We would love to ask you to join with us in prayer this week for our neighborhood as we have had a special opportunity come up to reach them. Each month, the house of prayer we are a part of does an outreach into one of the neighborhoods around the city. This past weekend, they informed us that they would like to come to our neighborhood specifically to pray for the families of the children who have been coming to our home and to share the gospel with our neighbors. The leadership of the House of Prayer has been aware that the neighborhood children have been coming to our house and relationships have been forming, but the Lord was the one who put it on their hearts to specifically target our neighborhood with their upcoming outreach. Please join with us in praying that the Lord will move powerfully this weekend and bring those in our neighborhood into a radical encounter with Himself.

Thank you for reading our updates, for praying and believing with us that Jesus will have His inheritance in this nation and in our neighborhood.

Much love,
Matt, Amy, Jedidiah & Alizah


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