Reaching Bangkok Communities with God’s Love

As we’ve shared previously, March was Matt’s last month working at Dton Naam. In April he started working with the local church to partner in outreach to local communities. The first week of April, Matt had his first opportunity to do this when a team from the US came and partnered with our church to do evangelism. For three days we split up into twelve teams and went into two Bangkok communities. We went door to door in these communities, offered to pray for the sick and bless the family or business and then shared the gospel and invited those listening to trust in Christ.


The first day was a little discouraging for Matt because his team did not see anyone healed or make a confession of faith but the other teams did. The next day as the teams went out we saw the hand of God move more powerful with a couple being healed and making a confession of faith and the last day this increased even more. Overall with the twelve teams, in three days we saw 144 people make a confession of faith and our teams gathered these individuals’ information in order to do follow up. Our heart is not to witness to them and never see them again but rather to follow up and make disciples, teaching them more about Christ and His kingdom.

Through April, the rest of May and in months following Matt is helping with the follow up as we visit these individuals and families. We are praying for homes in the communities to open up in order that we can plant house churches to gather new believers regularly to fellowship and teach the word of God. Please join us in praying for a move of the Spirit amongst these new believers that they might know Christ more and make a complete break with their former ways, trusting in Christ alone!

3886d7d6-0a81-4a99-ab25-f156c5ef3264Dton Naam Outreaches
Amy is seeking the Lord’s strategies and wisdom as she continues serving at Dton Naam. At present, she is taking more leadership over outreaches as the ministry director will be traveling from later this week through mid-July. During this time, the Dton Naam team will be focusing on reaching out to guys through teaching English in the bars, deepening our relationships with ladyboys in the same district, and mapping the areas we do outreach into.

9ce94f63-3112-4983-a679-78b9d503e9edFamily Update
Jed is now three years and three months old. His favorite color is blue and he LOVES Captain America. His favorite toy is his Captain America shield. Amy is working with him to learn how to write his abc’s, but he would much rather be off fighting the bad guys and protecting the world.

Alizah is one year and four months. She has 7 teeth and is working on a molar right now. With the exception of bad nights teething, she has been sleeping through the night now since she turned one. She loves going places and loves getting everyone’s shoes for them when it’s time to go. She just learned what sound an elephant makes (her version is adorable) and has started saying “cat” this week.

An Invitation to Give


We have been on the field here in Thailand for two years now without making a home visit. It’s time for us to make our first trip home to work to spend time with family, friends, and partners and work to build our partnership team so that we can continue serving here. Would you give a special one-time gift to help us make this important trip happen? We are believing the Lord to provide $7,000 to cover our plane tickets home and some of the additional costs we will face keeping our home in Thailand while also covering costs of living in the States.

This is an individual breakdown of what we need to reach our financial goal. Would you take one of these slots?

• 2 people at $1000
• 6 people at $500
• 4 people at $250
• 10 people at $100

Your financial gift will be handled with complete integrity through Commission to Every Nation. Thank you for joining with us to impact the nation of Thailand!

Blessings and love,
Matt & Amy Baldwin


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