God of This City

I heard Bluetree’s song “God of this City” once again this weekend and, once again, I cried. I always cry or at least tear up when that familiar melody touches my ears. Here are the top ten reasons for those tears:

10. This song reminds me of God’s sovereignty.

9. When I hear this song, I see many nations lifting praises and doing the “greater things” that have yet to come.

8. This song exalts the One my soul loves as being greater than the darkness.

7. This song declares His desire to bring transformation.

6. His love for the broken overwhelms me.

5. I hear Jesus declaring, “Greater things have yet to come.”

4. This song was the battle cry for a group of fellow love warriors (you know who you are) who joined with me in Thailand for two weeks that forever changed my life.

3. The line “When glory shines from hearts alive” makes me remember the power of living fully, loving deeply, and seeing beauty.

2. The history of this song declares the destiny that God has for the city in which it was written.

1. Every time I hear this song, I feel as if I am overlooking the city of Pattaya and am reminded of how much Jesus loves this city.

To hear the song complete with video clips from my first trip to Pattaya, check out the video God of this City.


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