My Nest in Pattaya

My first week in Pattaya, I spent in a little apartment while trying to find a place that would become my “nest” in this city… Preferably one that didn’t come with chickens and roosters as a part of the backyard fowl. Because I really don’t care how cute the babies are, I prefer that chickens be found in my food, not my backyard. I also prefer that alarm clocks, not roosters be the ones to encourage me to get out of bed in the morning. I appreciate it when the water heater on the wall of my shower actually produces hot water for more than a few moments and that my bed does not go thunk, thunk when someone sits on it. I know… I am so spoiled.

So after looking around a bit, I found my nest in Pattaya…

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And not only does my apartment have some nice features, it has no chickens (unless you count the ones the vendors in the parking lot cook), is right near quick city transportation and the manager of the building is great. So should you get an inkling to come visit, feel free to call and reserve a room at Eve Place. But you had better tell them that Amy sent you, or you’ll be charged the farang price.


3 thoughts on “My Nest in Pattaya

  1. Amy, your apartment looks so clean! It reminds me of taiwan a lot. I am praying for you…and yes, I have heard the song on the radio again! 🙂
    I’ve been reading your blogs, and just want you to know that you are not alone, and there are many who are standing with you! Keep those blogs coming! Praise the Lord for Nan!!! 🙂 love you dear friend!

  2. I love this way of viewing your pictures! I’m so glad that you found a more comfy apartment and have begun to make it your home away from home. Love you much!!!

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