“So you will not take me?”

I heard this week…

A ladyboy stopped by a new training center, wanting to glean some job skills.

“Are you a Christian center?” she asked.

“Yes,” came the reply.

Dejected. “So you will not take me?”

“Oh, no! I will take you. You come.”

The ladyboy has not come.

Oh, God… What have we done?


3 thoughts on ““So you will not take me?”

  1. Oh my!
    That is heart-wrenching to read. What has the word “christian” become? It is supposed to be a word that brings life, truth, and hope – not a stigma of rejection and elite-ism… Help us to be the people You have called us to be Lord!!! Thinking of you!!!
    – Mel

  2. Oh wow…that’s so sad to read. It’s awful what some “Christians” have caused people to believe about people who call themselves Christians. I will be praying that you will be one of the many to help change their minds in Pattaya!

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