The color filled my vision when I first closed my eyes to pray before making some prophetic jewelry. I wrote it down… then more whispers came from the Lover of these Souls.

Beloved. Fire. Revelation.

Simple. So simple. A few more words came as well, in a jumble of sorts. I selected some beads, deciding as I did to put the word “tirak,” the Thai word for “beloved,” with some orange beads. I settled down with some friends from Extreme Prophetic’s Operation Extreme Love school to string the beads.

Later that night, I went out with some friends to give out the prophetic jewelry we had made. We had a few encounters, and then I was drawn to this ladyboy dressed in orange. Knowing the gift opens the way for the giver, I approached her and offered her the bracelet. At first, she thought that I wanted to sell the bracelet to her. When we told her it was just to bless her because God loved her, she began to listen. She asked what we wanted. I told her I just wanted to bless her. I asked her how we could pray for her to bless her and she said she wanted a good journey. So I asked what her dream was. A boyfriend, she replied. I told her that I felt she wanted a boyfriend because she had a deep hunger for love because she hadn’t always been loved well. She said yes, no one had ever loved her. I told her that God has always loved her and would love her until the day the world ends and beyond. I said that God was calling her beloved. That He loved her so much that He knew she would be wearing orange that night. And He just wanted her to know His love. I told her I would pray for her to have a good journey in life, but I also wanted to pray that God would show her His love. She said we could. And so we prayed. And God showed up. And she felt loved. Perhaps for the first time in her life.

And she said wanted to know this God who loved her. I was shocked. It was so simple. But she became a child of the Lover of her soul.


3 thoughts on “Tirak

  1. Precious Amy,

    i am so thrilled you’re listening to the Holy Spirit! You are gathering the lambs to the Shepherd.

    God bless you, know I am still praying for you.

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