Pʉ̂ʉan-Bâan Kɔ̌ɔng-Rao (Our Neighbors)

IMG_6354In the last month, we have been praying for God to open up doors in our neighborhood for us to share the Gospel. Though we had been having one of the neighborhood children come to our house often prior to praying for an open door, since then we’ve been having seven kids come to our house on a regular basis, which is a little stressful some days, but is an amazing opportunity to love. We really believe God is entrusting us with this as we didn’t go seeking these kids out- rather they came to our door and we welcomed them in. Continue reading


When Are You Going to Thailand?

It’s the biggest question we’ve been getting lately. And it’s a great question!

We would love to say that we’re 100% confident of the date, but there’s a few things that simply must happen before we fly to the Land of Smiles…


As you can probably imagine there’s a lot to do to prepare for moving a family of three internationally. But before we can board our plane, we want to make sure we’re setting ourselves up for success. We don’t just want to get to Thailand – we want to be able to stay there for as many years as the Lord leads.

This means we can’t go alone. We need a team of partners backing us in prayer and in finances. For the past several weeks, we’ve been meeting with friends, family, and the Body of Christ, and sharing with them the vision the Lord has given us. We have been loving connecting with folks over coffee or dinner and letting them in on our excitement that He is launching us into the harvest field!


Many of those we’ve been meeting with have been saddened that these men and ladyboys have been trapped in prostitution. They’re angered by the injustices that the ladyboys in particular have encountered since they were 5 years old or younger. And they consider it a joy and blessing to partner with us to see Jesus receive His full inheritance from Thailand.

We also are angered and saddened by the situations that we have seen these men trapped in and are eager to see the Great Commission fulfilled in Thailand. We (especially Amy) have seen God do amazing things in the lives of the ladyboys. We can’t wait to step into God’s plan for us. It’s Thailand’s hour and we know that the seeds previously sown for centuries past will bear fruit. We are thrilled that He’s inviting us to be a part of it, and entrusting us with a key part of His plan for the nation.

We have been encouraged by God’s faithfulness as many people have already begun their financial partnership, covering 25% of our monthly needs. Many oIMG_1757thers have committed to do so. We are believing the Lord for a total of $5,000 per month and a start-up fund of $16,000. This will cover our move, help us get established in Bangkok, and enable us as a family of three to live and minister out of a place of strength in a metropolitan city.

Our goal is to be ready to move in January 2017. To make that happen we need to be 75% funded by October.

Commission To Every Nation and Dton Naam require that we be at that degree of funding prior to getting visas secured so that we reach the field fully funded.  While that might seem like a lot, if we had 75 more partners each joining with us at $50 a month we would be fully funded. We want to invite you to journey with us, pray with us, and learn with us! I am sure we will encounter bumps along the way but part of the adventure is doing it TOGETHER. 🙂 We would love nothing more than for you to journey with us as we follow Jesus to Thailand!

Love in Christ,

Matt & Amy Baldwin

Please pray for us! 

  1. For the Lord to continue drawing hearts to partner with us.
  2. Refreshing, renewing, new insights and new connections for us at the upcoming Abolition Summit in Kansas City (August 8-13).
  3. Grace on us as a family as we take steps to prepare for Thailand. 

His Word Will Not Return Void

“Why don’t you talk to her?” Matt suggested, gesturing towards a young girl sitting in the shadows on a curb. We had gone to Walking Street (so named because the street closes to vehicle traffic from 8pm to 2am) that night, just the two of us, to see what kinds of encounters the Lord might lead us to. We had walked down the cobblestone-esk street under the red neon lights of the bars and brothels from the entrance at Beach Road down to the Bali Hai Pier, praying and taking in the sites. Then on the way back down to where we started, we stopped and spoke with any of the ones we felt the Lord highlighting. IMG_3502 Continue reading

You are My Freedom

The heat of the smoggy Bangkok afternoon was beginning to fade as we walked back towards the Nana Plaza. Nikki and Allen, our gracious hosts while staying in Bangkok and guides of sorts while we were out prayer walking the area surrounding one of the city’s major red light districts, wanted to meet up with some of the friends they knew at Nana at around 5:30. Though that was about an hour away we had agreed we wanted to find a bar and sit down and talk with someone while we waited.


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Here We Come A-Caroling…

There’s something that warms the heart about caroling, regardless of how off-beat or out of tune the carolers may be. Call it the spirit of Christmas. Or maybe the fact that no one seems to go caroling any more. Or maybe it’s the glory of God that conceals the mistakes and blunders and covers it with love. That is what we found when about a half dozen of us went out to spread the Christmas cheer in our neighborhood as a part of our Freedom and Joy Christmas outreach.


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Navajo Love Impact

It’s been over a month since I went on my trip with H.E.L.P. International to the Navajo Nation in Arizona. My heart was to update you sooner. Between the busyness of life and ministry and waiting on the team to pull together photos so we could have some to share with you here we are… and we’re excited to be updating you now! (Lesson learned: I need to work on taking photos on missions trips!) Thank you to everyone who partnered with us in prayer and finances to make this trip possible.

Eight of us made the journey through the Rockies to the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona in mid-August. It was a privilege to go and serve the vision of H.E.L.P. International to empower the local church to reach their people. Because the needs of the Navajo people are so great, most of what we did on the trip was to serve in practical ways such as painting and installing a door at the church, and handing out a truckload of goods to the people.


On Saturday we handed out a trailer full of clothes, books, car seats, beds, cribs, toys and other goods. At least sixty people came through and received. We also had an area where a few of us set up to minister to the spiritual needs of the people through offering prayer and encouraging words. Most of the people who came were focused on receiving material goods and it was great seeing them go through everything – just like it was Christmas! Towards the end of the day a gentleman named Darryl came asking for prayer for freedom from alcoholism. He was planning on going to a rehab facility that coming Monday. We told him that we could pray that God would release His power for freedom from alcoholism but it is far better to know the Deliverer personally. I asked if he had a personal relationship with Jesus. He didn’t, so we told him about how when you come into faith in Christ that you are united with Jesus in his death, burial and resurrection (Romans 6). The old man is done away with, and all is made new. He wanted that and received the free gift of salvation and righteousness, and placing faith in Jesus Christ, and receiving the freedom that only Christ can offer. We prayed for him and encouraged him to continue to rehab and plug in to the church we were ministering at. He came to church the next day. We are believing that God is bringing to completion the good work He has started in Darryl.


That day, we also had the opportunity to minister to a dear lady, Hope, who was struggling with loneliness and having a hard time sleeping. She also came to church the next day and told us that she had already experienced some breakthrough, having slept the best she ever had that night.

I was given the opportunity to preach at the service that day and I shared on the new creation reality – redeemed, reconciled, brought into union with Christ. It was exciting to be able to preach there, not only because I love seeing the Kingdom released and revelation of all Christ is done being poured out, but also because it is a part of me stepping into the prophetic destiny on my life.

At the end of the service, we called out words of knowledge and prayed for the sick that day as well. Someone after we had gone to the restaurant for lunch shared that she had every one of the ailments our team had called out, but she was too afraid to come forward for prayer. We released healing to her as well.


I loved having the opportunity to combine the power and prophetic with practical expressions of the love of God on this trip. I firmly believe in doing the works of Jesus, who healed the sick, raised the dead, ministered to broken hearts, and met practical needs through feeding the hungry crowds who came to hear Him speak. It is in these practical demonstrations of love that the kingdom is displayed.

When Love Invades…

My friends and I recently went to a low income neighborhood on a mission: to release massive love. Mission Accomplished. We saw Love Himself invade this low income neighborhood as we setup with a team of about 75-100 lovers of His friends in a park right in the middle of three government-subsidized low-income apartment complexes. We distributed food, clothes, raffled off gift items from local businesses, barbecued, and hosted live worship, prophetic and healing teams and fun for children and youth.

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