Here We Come A-Caroling…

There’s something that warms the heart about caroling, regardless of how off-beat or out of tune the carolers may be. Call it the spirit of Christmas. Or maybe the fact that no one seems to go caroling any more. Or maybe it’s the glory of God that conceals the mistakes and blunders and covers it with love. That is what we found when about a half dozen of us went out to spread the Christmas cheer in our neighborhood as a part of our Freedom and Joy Christmas outreach.


Most of our group had never been caroling, and we found that we were the first carolers some of the houses we hit had ever gotten. Instead of just ringing the door and singing, then scampering off to the next house, we also offered to pray for those who came to the door and we were able to release blessings over most of the families we stopped to pray for. At one home, they requested prayer for forgiveness towards those who had harmed them. Another gentleman requested prayer for his wife to be able to join him back in the States for Christmas soon. A mother requested prayer for restoration in relationship with her daughter. Another family teared up as we prayed blessings of provision over them this Christmas.

Whatever the request, it was often family or close friends who came to their lips and we got to release the kingdom into situations I would have otherwise known nothing about. It was a blessing to go and love and preach the gospel in song and release the Father’s heart into so many situations.


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