When Love Invades…

My friends and I recently went to a low income neighborhood on a mission: to release massive love. Mission Accomplished. We saw Love Himself invade this low income neighborhood as we setup with a team of about 75-100 lovers of His friends in a park right in the middle of three government-subsidized low-income apartment complexes. We distributed food, clothes, raffled off gift items from local businesses, barbecued, and hosted live worship, prophetic and healing teams and fun for children and youth.

When all was said and done, we went over to the Boys and Girls Club for a Love Encounter service. Love was released in a tangible way all day, coupled with healings on the spot as Love demonstrated that no obstacle would stand in His way. It was such a powerful time of seeing heaven invade this small plot of ground in this community.

A highlight of the day for me was being able to dance with and love on the kiddos. They were all so receptive to love and to the kingdom being released to them.

We had a dream station where we encouraged them to dream and to express the dreams of their hearts in drawing. It was amazing to hear these kids whose circumstances could’ve squelched the dreams dream and dream big.

As a part of our fun for kids, we had balloon artists crafting animals and swords for the kids. One of the boys received a sword and promptly began pretending to slay everyone around him with the balloon. We told him that’s not what a sword is for… and went on to explain that a sword is to protect and to defend the kingdom. We had him kneel and knighted him as a defender of the land. As he rose and went off to slay imaginary dragons, I smiled, knowing we had imparted something of royalty to him.

In the middle of it all was a moment when Love invaded my heart in a fresh way. A lot of Somolian families came to take advantage of the free giveaways of food, clothes, toys, and other prizes. At one point, one of the families started helping themselves to our children’s giveaway items that we had planned to give away in a more organized fashion than just a free-for-all. I felt Papa say to not worry, but just let Him take care of it, and the family walked away really blessed. Someone commented how it was just a love of money.

But in that moment, I felt really clearly that it wasn’t so. Since walking into the community I had experienced this overwhelming sense of “Will there be enough?” It was something I couldn’t shake. Would there be enough food? Would there be enough toys? Would there be enough people to help? Even though we came in with more than enough, the feeling was nagging. And through that moment, I felt Jesus say something very clearly and lovingly: “The problem isn’t a love of money. The problem is a spirit of poverty. The spirit of poverty can manifest as a love of money or as lust for material things, but in reality, the root of it is a fear that there will not be enough. But there is always enough with Me.” As I leaned into Papa’s heart over the next few days, I began to sense that the remedy to a spirit of poverty is knowing our royal identity in Christ for royalty knows no poverty.

(Many thanks to Deb for her fantastic photos! I only used my camera a little bit during this outreach.)


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