Las Vegas Love Impact Report | A New Love Opportunity

{Hi again! Matthew and I were thinking it was about time to fire up the old blog and light it up with some new glory tales. For a change of pace, Matthew is going to be sharing this time around.}


I (Matthew) would like to thank everyone that supported Amy and I on our most recent Love Impact outreaches! Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to help lead a love-loaded team to Las Vegas, bringing massive love impact to the strip. (Amy felt led to stay behind and lead some of her own glory escapades, which we’ll update you about soon.) During the day we helped train the team to release love impact through power and prophetic evangelism at night. It was a powerful time! We saw over 11 salvations and 50 healings and many touched deeply by the prophetic.

Ministering in Vegas

Our priority as a team was simply to love and be a friend to those we encountered on the strip. One night, while I was sitting next to a homeless man on the Strip, he asked me if I wanted to know why he was homeless. I said sure, and just listened as he shared his story with me. On other occasions, our team had prophesied over this man, but I felt that today, I was just to listen. As he shared his story, he began to cry. “Nobody has ever just listened to my story,” he said. He shared that it had been 13 years since he had cried.


One night, my feet were tired after being on them all night long, so I asked the guys I was with if we could just sit for a few minutes before going on to minister to people. Papa is so good, though, and for the next hour, people just kept coming up to us as we sat on the glory curb. We had the opportunity to minister the prophetic to 6 different people that night who were drawn to us as we just sat there. My favorite story of that night though, was this guy who came up to ask us for a lighter. We told him that we didn’t have one but we had something else – Holy Ghost. “What’s that,” he asked, “some kind of weed?” He went on to say he’d been looking for weed all week and hadn’t been able to get it. We said no, Holy Ghost is God and asked if he had ever felt God’s presence. He allowed us to release the presence of God over him, and we prophesied the heart of God over him too. He was so deeply touched by the love of God. He said he hoped what we were saying was true because he had done a lot of bad things. We reassured him it was true! He felt so safe with us that he shared with us how he had stolen $500 that day from his boss. The root reason he had was because he didn’t feel that anyone believed in him. I felt God tell me to give him some money to show him that God believes in the destiny on his life. I opened up my wallet, and found I only had a dollar, and one of the guys I was with had one dollar as well. So we told him that we felt God had told us to give him that money – it wasn’t much – but that it was a seed into his life to demonstrate that God wants to bring financial breakthrough for him because God believes in the destiny on his life. He felt so condemned that at first he wouldn’t take it… after all, he had the $500 he had stolen that day still in his pocket! But we insisted that God had told us to give it to him, just to bless him. That opened up the opportunity for us to share the Gospel with him. Though he didn’t say yes on the spot, we know a seed of the goodness and kindness of God was planted in his heart.

New adventures await…


I have been invited to partner with HELP International in reaching out to the Navajo Nation in Chinle, Arizona from August 13-19. I have always believed in the importance of having a means of practical service, so I am excited that in addition to opportunities to preach, minister the prophetic, release healing, and massive amounts of love that there will also be a service project as a part of this outreach.

Due to prior obligations, Amy is not feeling released to join me, but we are so excited for what God has in store! We want to invite you to partner with us through prayer and finances.

In order to make this trip happen, I need to raise $900. This will cover transportation, lodging, food, and outreach expenses. Please prayerfully consider how you can help us financially. If 18 people were to give us $50 each for this trip, we would be set. Really any amount is helpful for funding this vision. If you would like to partner with us financially, please make your check payable to Matthew Baldwin and mail it to:

Matt & Amy Baldwin
640 N. Albany Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

If an online donation is easier, just contact us and we’ll let you know how to donate through PayPal.

We also need your back-up in the spirit through prayer. We know from the many other outreaches we have been a part of that when people pray, it changes the atmosphere over where we are, making it so much easier to flow with what Holy Spirit is doing.

Whether you choose to partner with us in prayer or financial support, please know we truly appreciate it! We need $450 by July 21, and the remaining $450 by August 7.

Thank you so much for your loving friendship and support in our lives!

Matt & Amy Baldwin


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    • Thanks, Jean! It’s a bit overdue and I’m realizing I have a little updating to do around here, but I’m glad it’s back too. Wahoo! Bless you, you amazing radical. Much love!

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