Glory Log Volume1, Issue1

…Because miracles are becoming our norm and I don’t want to forget a single one. {But I’m pretty sure I did this time.}

January 6 ::I went with friends to go love on some people at the movie theatre. We gave encouraging words to this lady and her kids. She had been hurt by the church pretty badly it seemed, but as we spoke over her and asked for forgiveness for the ways the church had hurt her, she softened. We went to King Soopers later and we gave encouraging words to these three early-college aged guys. They were pretty blown away and we asked if they’d like to experience God’s presence. Fun times. January 8 ::At the young adults group I’m a part of at church we had a time where we prayed for anyone who needed physical healing. The guy that I, along with a few friends prayed for, had broken his back a while ago and though he was mobile, he was in severe pain constantly. After praying and commanding the pain to go three or four times, all the pain left his body and he walked out completely pain free! ::

January 13 ::After eating dinner at IHOP one night, we saw Jesus heal 5 high schoolers of back, neck, knee and shoulder pain. Jesus even grew out this one girl’s leg. ::

January 20 ::I went to Denver for some training for work. During one of the breaks, one of my classmates was pacing the hall. I casually asked her if she was just walking and she told me that she had a pinched sciatic nerve and was in pretty serious pain the longer she sat. I told her that my friends and I had been seeing Jesus do all kinds of miracles. She asked me about acupuncture, so I said, “No, really! It might sound kind of crazy, but my friends and I see Jesus do all kinds of miracles. Can I ask him to heal your back?” She was pretty skeptical but let me pray. The first time I asked how she felt she was surprised to report that the pain had decreased by about 30%. She let me pray again and all the pain went away and she was just feeling some discomfort, but plenty of awe. I told her God loved her and prayed that even the discomfort would go away. Before leaving that day, she said her back felt great! (This was particularly memorable for me as it was the first time I have ever crossed the chicken line and prayed for the sick on my own!)::

January 21 ::Some friends and I went to Estes and stopped at the Safeway there to grab some coffee. We gave an encouraging word to the clerk and he clocked out so we could pray for his back to be healed. While the guys prayed for him (Jesus healed his back and grew out his leg!), I got our order in with the Starbucks barista and felt prompted to give him an encouraging word about how he just embraces life and has a spirit of adventure. I also felt like he had back or shoulder pain and he said he did have shoulder pain. He let me pray for that to go away and he felt the tension go. Later on we gave encouraging words to a group of junior high kids. Two of the kids had knee pain and we had them pray for their friends to be healed. One of the kids was healed faster than the other, so he went and joined us in praying for his friend. His friend had a disease that caused terrible knee pain that kept him from playing sports. We prayed all together for this kid and all the pain went away. ::

January 28 ::Our outreach team went to Foothills Mall. All in all, we saw Jesus heal about 17 bodies! WAHOOOOO!!!! My team gave encouraging words to four guys and after they confirmed that we were all pretty accurate in what we were hearing for them, we asked if any of them had pain in their bodies. All four of them did. One guy had pain in his ankle, and when we prayed all the pain went away. The next guy had a wrist that had gotten smashed in a locker and the swelling and pain went away and we also prayed for his back that had gotten injured while lifting and it felt less compressed. Another guy had pain in his elbows that was irritated by working out, so he wasn’t really sure if he was healed, but we believe he was. And then this other guy had broken his wrist a long time ago and it just hadn’t healed properly. He had limited motion and pain when he moved certain ways. We prayed, rebuking pain and commanding health into his wrists. Then we asked how he felt and he said right away he felt great. Being a bit of a skeptic, I asked him if he had any pain at all. He said he didn’t. Then I asked if he could move his wrists the same way. He demonstrated that he, indeed could. I must admit, that one blew me away! Go JESUS!!!!! Our team also got to give encouraging words to several others, including a lady who asked if we were psychics because we were hearing right on for her and her daughter. We assured her that, no, we weren’t psychics. We just love Jesus and He knows her intimately and He loves releasing His heart.::


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