I have been rolling this revelation around in my mind and heart for a while now, letting it serve as a wrecking ball for anything less than the royal position I’ve been restored to. Because I have been restored. So what does this restoration mean? According to Danny Silk’s Culture of Honor,

An old meaning of the word “restoration” is to find someone with a royal bloodline who has been removed from the throne and then restore the person to that throne– to a position of honor….

When God restores those who have repented, His process of restoration looks like reestablishing a royal family member in his or her place of rulership and honor. The restored believer can say, “I am now a son of God again.” Restoration for the believer is always a restoration of relationship, because restoration is defined by the cross, and restoration to relationship is what the cross did.

I’m learning the reality of the cross and the work that it accomplished in my life. As I enter into that reality more and more, I become increasingly aware of who I am as a daughter. I feel things shifting, not just within, but around…

For all of creation is longing for the revelation of the sons and daughters of God (Romans 8:19).


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