His Word Will Not Return Void

“Why don’t you talk to her?” Matt suggested, gesturing towards a young girl sitting in the shadows on a curb. We had gone to Walking Street (so named because the street closes to vehicle traffic from 8pm to 2am) that night, just the two of us, to see what kinds of encounters the Lord might lead us to. We had walked down the cobblestone-esk street under the red neon lights of the bars and brothels from the entrance at Beach Road down to the Bali Hai Pier, praying and taking in the sites. Then on the way back down to where we started, we stopped and spoke with any of the ones we felt the Lord highlighting. IMG_3502 “The girl there, on the sidewalk?” I asked. Matt confirmed. I walked over and asked her if I could sit down. She agreed, and I tried stirring up conversation, asking in Thai if she spoke English. She said she did a little bit, and I laughed that I spoke Thai just a little bit too. Between our broken bits of language we pieced together a conversation. Champoo told me that she works most of the time in a Go Go bar and that she enjoys it. She gets to meet many foreign customers and they like that sort of dancing. Her greatest hope seemed to be finding a foreigner to marry her and take care of her. The conversation made my heart a bit sad, particularly since my Thai was barely coming back at that point in our trip from when I had lived there previously. Really sharing from the heart was more challenging when remembering basic Thai was still so tough. At one point while we were talking one of the card flippers who was standing nearby, trying to draw passersby to purchase sex, came over and asked Matt who had come and sat down a few feet away what was going on. Matt said we were just talking to her and he let us carry on. I started telling Chompoo of God’s love for her and as I did, I started feeling strongly I was to give her one of the Thai New Testaments I had in my bag. Thinking it odd, as I usually don’t just give out a Bible to just anyone, I reached in my bag and pulled one out and handed it to her. “Oh, my friend, Monica, gave me one of these!” She said in Thai, and showed me a picture of her. “Ok, that’s great. Did you ever read it?” I asked. “I don’t have time to read,” Chompoo replied. I took the Bible back and thumbed through the pages, counting the books until I had found the 4th Gospel (John), then found chapter 3, verse 16. “Have you ever read this?” I asked, showing her the verse. She took the book from me and in the dim light afforded by the nearby bars read of God’s love. “No,” she said. “Well, God loves you. He really does,” I answered. I asked if I could pray for her, which she gladly received, though the prayer was offered in English. We soon parted ways. I couldn’t help smiling over how God had led me to give Chompoo a Bible. I love seeing how He pursues people and found it just like Him to draw us to someone who had already been given a Bible to emphasize the point. The next morning, Matt and I went to Pattaya Slum Ministries to help with their Kid’s Club. When we got to the ministry center, two western girls greeted us. “Hi, I’m Monica,” a dark haired girl said. Suddenly I remembered the picture that Champoo had shown me the night before. “Wow… I met this girl last night on Walking Street named Champoo. She said that her friend, Monica, gave her a Bible and she showed me a picture of her friend. You look like her… are you the same Monica?” “No way! You met Champoo!?!?” Monica exclaimed. “How?” I told her what had happened and how we had just felt led by the Spirit to talk to her. “Wow, I know now that Champoo is going to be saved!” And I couldn’t agree more. I love seeing how God is so faithful to seek and save the ones who are lost. It amazes me how patient He is with us and how He will send not just one, but two foreigners to someone to share His book. And His word will not return to him void. It will accomplish all that He sent it to do.


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