On a small side soi in what was most likely once massage school is a haven for a group of young “gals” who call each other “my sister.” Though not related by blood, these “gals” all share pieces of their histories, of their dreams, and of their lives simply because they are transgendered. They are fiercely loyal to each other and the bond they share is, for many, much deeper than the bond they share with their own families. And having heard just a few stories of ladyboys in Thailand, I understand why. I had the privilege the other day of sitting under the awning of Sisters Counseling Center and snacking on sunflower seeds with a few of them while just watching them interact and chatting as some of them began warming up. A few left shortly after we came to go play volleyball. A couple of others sat around a sink on the first floor of the four floor building prepping to dye each others hair.

Sisters Counseling Center exists to provide health, counseling and information services to Pattaya’s ladyboys, but somehow, the place has become a home where ladyboys hang out, talk, cook together, share meals, and share life. Regular activities such as a cooking club, a volleyball club, and a makeup tips class add variety to the days at Sisters. They also serve to educate the community about issues surrounding transgender. While many are drawn in to the center, the organization also has an outreach team that visits bars and encourages safe sex. If you’re beginning to wonder, no this isn’t a christian center. A whole room on the top floor is dedicated as a Buddha shrine.
But the question I began pondering is, “What would it take to create a Christ-centered place for ladyboys where they could find this kind of community while beginning to walk on the path to freedom? Where could they feel celebrated and like a part of a family, no matter where they were at on the path to freedom? Is it possible to have this kind of a place in the context of a holistic recovery center?” Because I think that is what I want… a place that they can let their hair and their facades down. A place where they can feel at home enough to come, even if they are not ready to leave their past behind, so they can be supported and experience true love from the Father. A place they can come to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. I’m wondering if such a place is possible. If not right now, can I be such a place for them?


3 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. I am not sure how it could be done, but I love the idea you laid out here. And until such a place exists, I will ask for wisdom for you in becoming a safe place. 🙂

  2. I think you are right Amy, pray real hard about being here, last night while eating i was pondering on if Jesus was a friend of sinners, and if that is who he sat with and hung out with, what was it like, how did they act, i mean do we really think that everything they did, all their sins they just changed over night, I’ll bet that it was some sort of process, in fact i’ll bet there was a lot of abnormal behavior, i mean think about it, it says he hung out with drunks, prostitutes, thieves and murders, it even says that the religious leaders looked upon Him and said look at the company He keeps, and yet He was not ashamed, He loved them into righteousness, Pray Amy, is this part of your training field, is this the place you should be for a season or so, maybe one day director, we are to be the light into darkness, it’s about our actions not our words, pray lets talk when we get a chance, Moew is cool and would be a awesome person to be involved with Blessing my lil sister, you are always in my prayers

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