Pattaya Praise Kick-Off!

My heart is so full right now that words eek out slowly. I’m in awe of what God is doing right now in the lives of my friends here, but more on that later. For now, because it’s really late at night here, just pray! Today was the start of this year’s Pattaya Praise, an annual four-day worship event where people from all over converge on Pattaya to exalt Jesus. This year is my first year to attend, so I’m really excited. I already feel God moving in the worship and praise, bringing freedom to my heart and to those around me. We are going to be in two primary locations: Balli High Pier and City Hall! We’ll also be doing a parade along Beach Road. Please join with us in praying that God’s presence invades this city and the government of our province (ChonBuri) is impacted by His everlasting love!

Thanks for joining with us!


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