A Glace of His Heart

I looked in my Lover’s heart tonight.

It’s big. Beautiful. Radiant. No shadows here. Fully illuminated in light.


As in…

1. Complete, utter happiness without any complaints. Like a feeling of floating on cloud nine.
a) I was in bliss when I was with him…

Urban Dictionary

His heart’s so beautiful that…

He so approved of this girl that if she were a hotel she’d get the 5-star rating.

And He looked at her friend as if she were a tricked out iPad, so much goodness, ingenuity and creativity in such a compact space.

And another girl he saw as a fragrant flower unfolding.

Then I looked at how He saw me and I saw that His heart got all giddy and a song rose in mine to join with His, cause when He looks at me He feels such bliss. Nothing quite compares to Heaven’s Kiss.

Ah kingly kiss
no more regret
nor old deep memories
to mar the bliss….
– Hilda Doolittle


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