Love Impact Thailand 2015

A few years back, I left a huge part of my heart on the other side of the world in the streets of a small town of 70,000 that sees over 2 million tourists a year. I left my heart in the bars

and brothels of a city whose innocence was stolen. I left my heart among the people that Jesus treasures and desires to bring to total freedom in His love. It may sound crazy, but my heart fiercely loves the city of Pattaya, Thailand and I deeply desire to see the city brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus. It was in those same streets that brim with tourists who come for the city’s crazy night life (that begins at about 3:00 in the afternoon) that my heart encountered the grace and love of the Father in a way that has left me completely undone and radically changed, forever.

Since before Matt and I were even were dating, Thailand has made its way into our conversations and we are excited to announce that May 1st through the 16th, Matt and I will be embarking on an adventure to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand. We can’t wait to see what Jesus has in store for us!

We have been working over the past couple of months to see about coming to link arms with ministries we have connections with in the past and perhaps even develop new connections with other ministries. During our two week stint, we will be linking arms with local ministries to minister the good news to prostitutes, sex tourists, the transgendered, children, families, the poor, the broken, and those who have been oppressed or affected by the sex trade. In addition to partnering with ministries that focus on restoration, we will also connect with those who focus on prevention and seek to see society change through discipleship of a nation. We’ll be engaging in prophetic and power evangelism, prayer andunnamed-2serving in practical ways in the bars, slums, churches, and on the streets. We will also be bringing over a large amount of medical supplies that have been generously donated to Pattaya Slum Ministries. In addition to coming alongside and blessing the ministries we connect with during our time, we will be building bridges for future love-impact and seeing what it looks like to bring outreach teams to Thailand in the future.

In order to make this trip a reality, we will need a total of $4,000. We were able to secure our tickets at an incredible rate, so this will cover travel, lodging, food and outreach expenses. Please prayerfully consider how you can help us financially. If 40 people were to partner with us at $100 each, we would be set. Really any amount is helpful in making this happen. If you would like to partner with us financially, you can make your check payable to Freedom and Joy Ministries and mail it to:

Matt & Amy Baldwin
640 N. Albany Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

Or you can donate online through Freedom and Joy’s website, at Donations are tax-deductible. Please leave the memo line blank on checks, but include a note that it is for us. If you donate through the website, include a short note stating it’s for us as well – PayPal will walk you through the steps.

We also need your back-up in the spirit through prayer. We know from the many other outreaches we have been a part of that when people pray, it changes the atmosphere over where we are, making it so much easier to flow with what Holy Spirit is doing.

Whether you choose to partner with us in prayer or financial support, please know we truly appreciate it! We need $2,000 by April 5, and the remaining $2,000 by April 30.

Thank you so much for your loving friendship and support in our lives!

In His Amazing Love,

Matt & Amy Baldwin


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