Why We’re Feeling Grateful


Family. My husband. Our sweet girl who was born just this year. How much our kids love each other. Jed being potty trained. The mentors in my life. Being able to meet up with and mentor an old friend.

Momma. Mommy’s milk. Dada. Brother. Kitty. My 5 teeth. Standing (I’m getting better at it!). Eggs. Bananas. Pineapple. Chicken. Sunshine. Naps. Love. Kisses. Tickles.

My wife. Our daughter, Alizah. Jed doing so well with speaking Thai. God’s faithful provision through our partners. Opening of doors for ministry to the youth, in our neighborhood and at the House of Prayer. Meeting new friends.

Mommy. Daddy. Alizah. My friends! Stories. Dinosaurs. Milk. Bananas.


In the Kitchen with the Baldwins…
This past week we spent over 3 days in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for the new youth group we are helping start at our church. Making a feast for 27 people using only three burners, a toaster oven, and a grill is no small feat, but it was worth it!


Fortunately, we had some small helpers, who were eager to “help” Matt make pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream while Amy made stuffing, pumpkin cranberry bake, and sweet and traditional mashed potatoes. At moments it seemed like they were making more messes than helping, but everyone had fun.


The Thanksgiving celebration with the youth was a great success. For some it was their first American Thanksgiving. The food (especially the pumpkin pie, whipped cream, and stuffing) was a hit. The youth enjoyed the time of fellowship and the opportunity to build more relationships with each other while playing games together, thanking God for his many blessings and joining in worship together.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

This year we are especially grateful for many things – especially you!

Thank you for making us a part of your life. We are grateful for all your support, prayers and encouragement and what having you on our team allows us to do. May this Thanksgiving be filled with happiness and the joys of life as you count your blessings!

Love in Christ,
Matt, Amy, Jed & Alizah


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