Merry Christmas From Bangkok!

2018 Highlights

1. Alizah broke into our lives like a ray of sweet sunshine with her birth on January 7.

2. We are growing in our confidence in our ability to understand, read and speak Thai. Matt has recently been able to take a small visiting team out on outreach and served as a translator and as the main person sharing a simple Gospel and pray for people in Thai.

3. We have been growing in relationship with some of the children in our neighborhood, through having them join us for dinner, inviting them to play in our home and taking them to church with us, which has helped us build trust with their families too. As our relationship has grown, the children have become more interested in Jesus and are taking the initiative to talk with us about God, and one of the children has made a profession of faith in Jesus.

4. Our DtonNaam students are pursuing their goals, securing new jobs and taking steps to further their education and healing. We have also seen the students really engaging in the Bible and Life Skills classes we have been teaching, to the point where there are days that they don’t want the class to end.

5. We have been developing a relationship with the House of Prayer through teaching, helping to lead prayer sets, and joining in ongoing outreaches.

5. Our relationship with the local church has been growing and we’ve been helping start a small youth group.

7. Family and friends coming to Thailand to visit.

2019 Goals
1. Continue growing in our Thai so that we can have more meaningful conversations, more effectively share the gospel, and be able to pray for people in Thai with more confidence. Matt would love to be able to preach in Thai.

2. Deepen our relationships with the local church, the House of Prayer, and our neighbors.

3. Pursue the dream God has placed in our hearts to see individuals and communities transformed through the gospel.

4. Return to the States for a home visit in the fall!

We are so blessed by your friendship and partnership!
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Matt, Amy, Jed & Alizah


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