Open Doors, Open Hearts with Our Neighbors

We asked. You prayed. God answered. We have genuinely seen the beginnings of the parents of our neighbor children opening up to us more. When we are outside playing with the kiddos, one of the dads will sometimes come out and take pictures and watch.

8b929066-27a7-429e-bbe4-ac4bff4b0135One of the children had a birthday in December and he told his grandparents that he wanted to come to our house for the party. His grandpa told us that was what he wanted to do and that they would bring food. We were thinking that they might bring a little bit of something, but we were so deeply surprised and moved when his grandma who lives on the opposite side of town came with spaghetti and meat sauce, chicken wings and fries and fried rice enough to feed a crowd! She thought of everything from all the right dishes to bringing disposable plates and cutlery, to drinks with straws, a plastic tarp for kids to sit on on the floor…. she even brought her own garbage bag. She didn’t want us to have to do anything but to celebrate her grandson’s birthday with him. Amy said after she has never felt so loved by someone who didn’t really know her before.

Just this past couple of weeks, one of our neighbor girls has had terrible lice and Amy has been helping her wash, comb and dry her hair to help her get rid of them. Amy had the opportunity to go and talk with the grandma and let her know that she’s been trying to help and some of her concerns. What could have been a very awkward conversation seems like it was actually an opportunity to connect with the family, love them well, and let them know we are for them.



“Uan” Graduates
A while back we shared how “Uan,” one of our students at Dton Naam, was pursuing training on cutting hair. We are so proud of him as he’s completed training on cutting both men and women’s hair and graduated from salon school this month!

9ab37471-aee9-49ab-b9cd-5ca73c0c8e65Jed turns THREE!
Jed turned 3 earlier this month. We celebrated with a small party at home with family and some of the neighbor kids. Jed had specifically requested a blue chocolate cake, so Amy made a chocolate cake with blue strawberry icing. Jed is in a very adventurous and imaginative stage right now where he loves sword fighting and he will race around the house on a pink caterpiller riding toy who he has determined is his horse, Phillip, with a chopstick with a wooden car stuck on it like a hilt or a ruler that has a purple cord hilt while carrying a mesh meat strainer as his shield as he watches Narina. He also loves Spiderman and his orange “onco” (Bronco) shirt and is often sad when the shirt he wants to wear is in the wash.

7e8a22e1-a71b-433a-a64d-6753d9455695Our Family
Matt attended all week training at the end of January about helping people walk into sexual wholeness. The training was a unique experience as it leads those in attendance through the healing journey themselves. It was very fruitful and productive and the kids bond with kids Daddy has only strengthened through the time away. Between Matt being away, the kids being sick, Amy getting a ticket (which was later canceled), sleep struggles and a case of head lice, the week was quite challenging for Amy. Despite the challenges, she was able to preach a sermon that Sunday and came out of the week weary but victorious.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing here through your love, your prayers and your support. You are such a key part of what God is doing here in Thailand. As we have said before, we believe that 2019 is a year of God positioning us for increased fruitfulness. We are excited to be able to share with you soon how the Lord is leading positioning us soon. In the meantime please keep this in your prayers and let us know how we can pray for you too.

Much love,

Matt, Amy, Jed & Alizah


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