The Big MOVE


Thank you so very much for your continued encouragement and prayers. It means so much to us to have wonderful people walking alongside us and supporting the ministry work God asks us to invest in.

As we shared earlier this year, our word for 2019 is “Repositioning for Fruitfulness.” When we first received this from the Lord, we had no idea what that would look like or how the Lord would shift us. We simply knew He would.

Over the past four months since Matt left Dton Naam, we’ve been seeking the Lord about our next assignment while Amy continued to serve at Dton Naam and Matt served in various ways with the church and the House of Prayer. Our hearts have continued to beat for reaching the lost, strengthening the church, and strengthening families. What we were doing in Bangkok seemed to be potential avenues for doing all of these things, but whatever we put our hand to just didn’t feel like it was our next assignment.

In June, we decided we needed to get away from Bangkok for a week and go to the beach for some much-needed family time. We thought we would go to Cha’Am because it would be quiet and wasn’t too far outside of the city. But as Amy went to book a room for us to stay in, she just didn’t feel peace about any of the rooms. The same day that Amy was going to book a room, Matt went to the house of prayer and mentioned to our friend, Pastor Wanna, that we were planning to get away to which she replied, “You should go to Chumphon!”

For the past year Pastor Wanna, one of the leaders of the house of prayer, has been praying for us and telling us, “You should go to Chumphon to help some of my friends there who have a school and want to plant a church.” To be honest, at first, the idea didn’t appeal to us because we still felt that we were to be in Bangkok.

When she told us yet again that we should go, Matt felt that there might be something more to this than we had thought at first and after talking we decided to go and see what the Lord might do.


Matt and Jed on the train to Chumphon!

Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves on a train heading to Chumphon province to the small town of Map Ammarit. During our time there we felt such a Holy Spirit connection with Dtong and Pook (our friend Pastor Wanna’s friends) and felt an alignment with their vision and philosophy of ministry. After spending time in prayer with Dtong and Pook, seeking the Lord ourselves, and talking with various leaders in our lives we have felt the Lord clearly and undeniably leading us to Chumphon Province. This was later confirmed in many ways which we would love to share with you in a later update.

So friends, (Drumroll please….) we are moving to Chumphon!


Us at Little Lamb School in Map Ammarit

Amy will be a teacher at the school and Matt will be helping with church planting. We are so excited about our new assignment and we see the Lord’s fingerprints all over this. We will share details with you soon of what our roles will look like.

Would you join us in prayer that the Lord will continue to share and confirm his direction for our family and our continued ministry in Thailand?

Between now and when we return to the States for our home visit, we will be wrapping up our ministry responsibilities and taking steps to prepare for what the Lord has ahead of us in our next assignment. When we return from our home visit we will pack up and move to Chumphon. Again, we look forward to sharing more details with you soon. Feel free to send us an email or a personal note with any questions. We would love to answer them. We know this is a significant shift for us and it came as a bit of a surprise for us as well as we didn’t know what the BIG SHIFT would look like exactly or that it would include a BIG MOVE.

Thank you for standing with us. It means so much and again, feel free to drop us a comment or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!


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