Preparing for Map Ammarit

Hi Friends!

In just two short weeks we will be back in the States for a visit. (Yes, I know, we had said in our last update that we might be heading that way this week, but it ended up working out better for us to go to Singapore for a quick visa run instead.)  The past month and a half since we sent out our last update has been full on. Here’s some of the recent happenings:   

  • We’ve returned to Chumphon Province twice since our first visit to continue building relationships with Pook and Dtong and seek the Lord’s leading for the church.
  • Matt’s time in Singapore at the ORU training was encouraging, challenging and powerful. While all the classes were superb, Matt’s favorite class was Kingdom Leadership for Revival by Dr. Daniel Ho.
  • On Amy’s last day at Dton Naam on August 1, the staff and students took some time to make one of her favorite Thai dishes and share the impact that she has had on their lives. It was a sweet and encouraging time for Amy and there were tears shed on both sides.
  • During our visa run our family enjoyed a sweet couple of days in Singapore and spent a lot of time enjoying the city’s parks and even a free splash park. This was a refreshing treat for us since parks and well-maintained children’s play areas are few and far between in Bangkok.

We are so encouraged by what God is doing in Map Ammarit and Chumphon! During our last visit, we stayed  in Map Ammarit and were able to interact much more with the community than we had been on previous trips. It became so quickly evident that the Lord has been preparing this town for encounter. Hearts are so open to the gospel and to us.

One day we stopped by a small store to buy umbrellas since a lot of rain was in the forecast. We met the owner of the store, Yai SomJit and once she realized we spoke Thai, she quickly opened up. She gave both of the kids a toy from her store. Then when we told her we were planning to move into town and asked if she knew any places for rent, she quickly got on her motorbike and took us to two different available rentals. Along the way, she stopped at a fruit stand and bought us somewhere around 8 kilos of fruit. We were so blessed by her kindness and generosity.

Later in the week, Matt and I stopped at a small roadside restaurant for breakfast and while we were there we just chatted with the shop owner, P’Fon. She’s a single mom whose husband had left her ten years ago and she is so tired and worried about so many things as she seeks to raise her children and pay to send them to school in the larger city of Chumphon. As we ate and chatted, she started to tear up and when we offered to pray for her she gladly accepted and even ended up weeping in Amy’s arms (which is not typical for Thais at all). We stopped by to eat again later that week and she shared she had actually been baptized years before but had not really kept up with growing in her faith or going to church because of all her responsibilities that keep her busy on Sundays.

While we were in Map Ammarit, we also shared in sweet times of conversation, prayer and worship with Pook and Dtong. We also gathered with other believers and Matt preached about the Biblical purpose for the church.

It has become so clear to us that there are believers in Map Ammarit and there are those who are open to Jesus, but because there hasn’t been a thriving church and leadership there, people haven’t been discipled. We are excited for what God will do as we begin our ministry there when we return to Thailand after our home visit this December. 

We are so eager to share with you the vision the Lord has been giving us and hope to do so face to face. In the meantime, we’ve just revised and updated our website and would love for you to take a look around.

Thank you for reading our updates, for praying and believing with us that Jesus will have His inheritance in this nation.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Much love,
Matt, Amy, Jedidiah & Alizah


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