“Uncle” Encounters Healing Power of Jesus

On Friday, Matt went with Dtong to the house of a man he had prayed for at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. Uncle Biak had gotten much better after the first time we had prayed, but he had not fully recovered. He asked for us to pray for him again. 

As we were visiting this time, Uncle Biak told us he was involved in witchcraft and thought someone had put a spell on him, causing all sorts of medical issues. The doctors had even done surgery but it made things worse. The doctors had him on ten different medications to treat all kinds of symptoms, but he said that too just made things worse. We prayed for him, leading him in repentance and breaking every curse and spell, asking God to bring healing to his body. Before we left he told us that he had a doctors appointment in my town on Saturday and he would come visit me after his appointment.

Uncle Biak visiting our house to meet with Matt and Dtong for prayer.

Saturday morning came and he came early telling me that he was much better. His sleep Friday night was the best he has had in a long time. He was breathing better and all abdominal pain was gone. Even though Matt encouraged him to go to the doctor, he said he did not want to go because they would just give him more medicine that would not help; but rather wanted us to pray for him more.

We shared the gospel with Uncle Biak, sharing with him that he did not need to worship idols but follow Jesus only. He asked if he needed to offer Jesus drink offering or food like he had with the other gods he had served. We told him no, but that Jesus paid for us with His blood to have relationship with God. He told us that he will go home and remove all his idols from his part of the house. He said he couldn’t get rid of them entirely as his wife would continue to worship them (Please pray for her). We taught him that he can pray to God through Jesus anytime, asking God to help him. We also gave him a Bible and invited him to church. We will continue to visit him at his house as well. Please pray for him that as he reads the Bible he come to know more about Christ. Pray that this will be testimony to the rest of his family and friends.


2 thoughts on ““Uncle” Encounters Healing Power of Jesus

  1. Awesome to hear what Jesus is doing through you! I too am battling a cold since coming back from Ethiopia. Even so seeing God use us to heal and encourage.

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