Hello from Map Ammarit!

We hope you are doing well and we pray that your hearts are filled with peace even in the midst of this crazy season we are in globally. We thought in this time of social distancing it might be nice to take a small step closer than we normally do and do a video update for you.

Six of these wonderful 6th Graders have been in Amy’s class this term. 6th Grade graduation is a big deal in Thailand, as it’s the end of Elementary School and the beginning of Junior High. Some of these students will be continuing on with the school in the new term and others will move on to other schools. 
 Prayers and Praises
Praises: Praise God with us that all of us are doing well and are healthy. February was a challenging month for our family in terms of health, but we came through it victorious and are remaining healthy in the midst of this COVID-19 scare. Praise God with us that we are seeing hearts still open to the gospel in spite of the fear many are experiencing. 

Prayers: Pray with us for continued wisdom and divine strategies for the school both administratively as Amy works to set up policies and put employee handbooks in place. Pray for insight in terms of how the school is to respond to this crisis, particularly if the school is to remain shut down after this long break is scheduled to end. At present, the new term is set to open April 20. 

Pray for wisdom for us in all the matters concerning the church, beginning a church focused on children’s ministry, and disciple-making in our region.

Pray for grace for us to find our rhythm as we continue to put down roots in our new town. 
Thank you for standing with us through your faithful prayers and support. We truly couldn’t be here doing what God’s called us to without you. Thank you for helping us reach our community with the love of Jesus!

We love you, 

Matt and Amy Baldwin

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