God on the Move at the School

We hope you are doing well. Our hearts have been deeply touched and grieved as we think of the events happening in America. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Amy has just finished the 7th week of what will be a full quarter of online schooling. There have been different challenges that accompany online learning than Amy typically sees in the classroom, but there have also been different blessings and opportunities for impact with the students. One of the dynamics of the online classroom that Amy has really enjoyed has been that her already typically small class is even smaller. This online term, she is the “homeroom” teacher for ten 1st through 3rd graders, who keep her constantly hopping with requests for help. With the even more intimate class size she has not only had the opportunity to get to know her “Conquerors” even better than she would in the classroom, but also has had the opportunity to minister to them in deeper ways. 

Jane, a 1st grader who lives with her Buddhist grandparents, has recently been wanting to pray every time there is an opportunity. In an oral report about “What Makes Me Happy”, Jane shared that she likes to pray because “I know God loves us.” 

Amy has also recently had a student who is asking a lot of great questions about God. Check out our video for the full story.  
A few of Amy’s students at a scout camp before the COVID crisis. Jane (second in line) and Maekaning are the two girls in the front. 
New Life Church – Children’s Ministry
Today was the first day of New Life International Church’s Children’s Ministry. Being that the school is connected closely to the church, we felt it appropriate to begin a children’s outreach ministry. Had it not been for the whole COVID-19 crisis, we would have begun weeks ago, but we are so happy that as restrictions have been lightening we are now able to meet in groups up to 250 people and so today we began what will be many weeks of a “Bible Adventure” with students from the school and we hope children from the community. 

With today being the first day, we were happy with our small group of about ten children who joined us. We we will be handing out fliers in the community in the days to come and hope more children will join us. 

Thank you for standing with us through your faithful prayers and support. We would love to hear from you with how you are doing and how we can be specifically praying for you. 

We love you, 

Matt and Amy Baldwin


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