Tr. Amy, Is the Bible Real?

“Teacher Amy, is the Bible real?” AimAem’s question came through my LINE messaging app one evening a few hours after school had let out for the day. This wasn’t the first time she had asked this question and since I had already sent her some videos explaining the Bible in detail and why we can trust it, I decided on a different approach and encouraged her to ask God to show her if the Bible was real. “How?” Came the reply. “Pray and ask God. Remember how we were talking about at the Bible Adventure (Children’s Church) on Sunday? Ask Him to show you and speak to you in your heart if the Bible is real. I will pray for you too, that God will show you. But is there one thing specifically you are not sure about that I can help with?” 

She didn’t answer my question but it wasn’t long before AimAem returned to LINE with more questions. “Tr. Amy do Jesus carry his cross when he was going to be on it? And how did Jesus die on the cross? And how he hang on the cross?” 

I began sharing with her via messages one of my favorite parts of the story of God’s redemption plan and she replied, “Ohh…. I want to know the whole story.” 

In an unexpected plot twist, classes had resumed in person by this point, so I replied, “I would love to share with you sometime then. Can we talk at lunch tomorrow?”

AimAem agreed and her eyes sparkled with excitement the next morning as she told me she was looking forward to our lunch together. Sitting down over our box lunches, I asked what she wanted to know, which was met by a barrage of questions that filled the entire 50 minute lunch period. She was so eager to know and to ask she would barely wait until a question was answered before posing another. Her three of her friends sat with us and also peppered in their questions while the table next to us leaned over to listen in curiosity. 

AimAem and Nina scoring their work at school. (Picture taken before COVID-19.) We were blessed to be able to unexpectedly return to in-person classes for two weeks after teaching online for eight weeks.
The lunch period passed quickly and the girls asked if we could do lunch again the next day and so continued most of the rest of the last two weeks of the term. Each day the girls eagerly invited me to join them. Some days they had many questions; others just a few. One Tuesday, AimAem said, “Teacher Amy, I had a dream last night. In my dream, a man came to me and said in a soft echoey voice, ‘The Bible is real.’ I woke up and when I went back to sleep I had the dream again.”  I asked her what she thought about the dream and she wasn’t sure. She felt peaceful when she had the dream but still wasn’t sure what she should do about it. Jane also chimed in that she had a dream the previous night. “It started out scary, but it ended up good.” She went on to share that in her dream, a monster (or demon) that had been tormenting her came to her, but then Jesus came and chased the monster away. My heart warmed as I thought of how amazing it was that God was revealing himself to the girls in deeper ways than our words and our ministry attempts could. I had spent time ministering to both of these girls in their questions and fears, and God was also there in the midst of these situations, ministering His life in deep ways. Please join us in believing God for more God encounters and His goodness to be displayed in both AimAem and Jane’s lives. 
Many of Amy’s students earned Honor Roll status for the online quarter and we were blessed to be able to honor them with a certificate in person on our final day of the term. 

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