I have decided…

“Chan datsinjai laew dit dam Phra Yesu. Chan datsinjai laew dit dam Phra Yesu. Chan datsinjai laew dit dam Phra Yesu. Mai han glab laew. Mai han glab leaw.” 
Partaking in communion at our first baptism service this month.

The familiar chorus of “I have decided to follow Jesus,” sung with Thai words stirs a deep place in my heart. It is a song I have seldom heard sung outside of a baptism service in Thailand, which deepens its meaning to me. At our little, but growing, church plant we have had the joy of singing this chorus two Sundays in the past month as a total of 8 believers, including Uncle Biak (who we have shared about previously), have chosen to follow Jesus through the waters of baptism.

Five of the eight new believers we have had the joy of baptizing this past month. 
Though the church is small, we are seeing many encouraging signs of growth. In the beginning, we had just two families seeking the Lord together, but this past Sunday we had roughly 30 people in attendance. Many of those who joined with us are new believers. Some have been Christians for a bit longer but have never had anyone disciple them and truly are hungry for the Word of God. They want to know how to read and understand the Bible. Many of these believers are eager to share the gospel with friends and family. We are seeking to steward this growth well. We’ve been blessed to have Ajan Barnabas, a Thai believer, join us and he frequently goes with Matt to do evangelism and discipleship. We are seeking the Lord how to do small groups to disciple these new believers effectively and praying for the Spirit to move, transforming their lives and opening the door to share the gospel with their family and friends. We believe we are in a field ripe for harvest.   
Thank you for continuing to stand with us in prayer and financial partnership so we can see the Kingdom advance here in Chumphon province.

We love you,
Matt and Amy Baldwin

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