Happy Thanksgiving, Friend!

Each year in November, I like to take time aside to remember just what I’m grateful for. Even when things are challenging, it’s good to remember and count the many blessings which God has given us. But to be quite honest, sometimes, finding the things to be thankful for takes a little extra effort. 2020 has been for many a challenging year. Chances are, it has been for you too. Even right now, America is facing a challenging time between COVID, the restrictions, and the current political situation. We are praying for America for peace during this challenging political season.

Eating with friends from our church on the beach.
2020 for our family was challenging in that there were so many news things that we were embracing in this season.  It’s good. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. The analogy that comes to mind is that of plowing. In so many ways we are breaking up the ground into new areas and doing new things and pulling out rocks and getting the soil ready for a future harvest. But in the midst of challenges, we have had really good things happening, and we have much to be thankful for this year:
  • The church we have been able to start in our town, which is now seeing about 30 people in attendance.
  • We’ve seen 10 people come to faith and choose to follow Jesus through the waters of baptism.
  • The youth group we’ve started normally has about 10 youth coming.
  • The moments when we see God at work in the students, drawing them to Himself.
The students at the recent Walk through the Bible youth camp.
  • The recent opportunity Matt had at the school to share with the secondary students about tearing down strongholds in our lives. God moved powerfully and many students were crying as they experienced the goodness of God.
  • The opportunity to read and discuss The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with our students in literature class this quarter.
  • The opportunity to share different traits of leaders with students during our leadership class and have the students open up Bibles and look at what the Word has to say about those traits.
Students on a recent outing with the school. 
  • Jane saying she’s interested to know God more and she prays every day. She recently was having stomach problems. We prayed for her, and she prayed. Shortly afterward, she realized it was just she couldn’t eat as much spicy food as she had been. 
  •  AimAem saying at lunch one day this month that the one thing she ever prayed for was that she would know the Bible was real and then God spoke to her in a dream about the Bible.
  • The students encountering Jesus at a church camp this weekend and two making an initial decision for Jesus.
We are also so incredibly grateful for our partners who join with us on prayer and finances so we can do all that we do here. We know that God will bless and reward them for their faithfulness. Really there is so much to be thankful for, even in the challenging times. I want to encourage you, whatever the challenge, whatever the struggle, remember that He is good and He is for you and begin to thank Him for all he is doing.  

Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving! 
Matt, Amy, Jed and Alizah

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