Recently we have had opportunities to have deeper conversations with students at Dton Naam about life and faith. One thing we have recently heard from “Reen”, one of the Dton Naam students who is not yet a believer, is that he has seen how Christians give of their lives and bless others because they genuinely love people from their hearts. Reen contrasted this with how he has seen Buddhists do things for others only to make merit and ultimately benefit themselves. Because of our partners to do what God has laid on their hearts to do, we have been able to be a part of seeing God’s love made tangible to these guys. We are so thankful to each of you who have given of your lives so we can give of ours. 


Check out this incredible update on “Reen” from dton naam ministries – we are celebrating with you, Reen!

We had a little “graduation celebration” for “Reen” last Friday. Reen joined DtonNaam about two years ago, after building a friendship with the outreach team. We would visit weekly in the bars and became the trusted friends to call when Reen was suddenly blinded by a botched injection in the forehead. 

This Thai has joyfully overcome so much while coming to classes daily at DN. While some vision has returned, Reen is still legally blind; will never be able to drive; will always have a “disability card.” Reen’s artistic side left a special flair on everything touched, although blurry vision meant leaning in quite close to decorate cakes, cookies and more at the cafe. When someone has a sketchy past plus a disability, it is a challenge for our recovery team to find future career options. It’s not because Reen isn’t willing and capable, but because it’s still difficult to find companies that will give the disabled a chance. (Read more at article linked below)

After several “mock interviews,” building resumes, calling about potential jobs and searching online, for months… literally months… Reen started a new job! We celebrated together as a team last Friday over ice cream, encouraging and laughing with this fun, creative student we’ve adored for two years now. It will be strange not seeing Reen whisk in daily, but we are so excited to see this next step happen. Pray for the new work environment, job training and next couple of weeks as Reen learns… (📷 from 2017#555Campaign)

“According to the latest act, both public and private organisations with more than 100 employees are mandated to hire persons with disabilities in the ratio of one disabled person to every one hundred regular employees (1:100).”


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