To Narnia and the North

We recently had a new student join Dton Naam. He comes in each day with bright eyes and a gentle, yet enthusiastic heart. When it came time to meet with him the first time for English class, we quickly realized that his English is already quite good. We decided to get a book to read with him, thinking it may mean one-on-one sessions as his English is more advanced than our other students.

However, when Matt came to English class with the book in hand one day and the other students saw that we would be reading “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, they decided they wanted to join in the adventure as well. We’ve had three class sessions reading the book together and Lucy has just entered Narnia for the first time and met Mr. Tumnus. For any of you who are familiar with the story, you know this means we aren’t reading very fast, but, our students are engaged, actively asking questions, seeking to understand the new vocabulary they are reading and are doing great overall at understanding the storyline.

We are excited about this change in our English class. None of our students have read a book in English before so that in and of itself is an adventure for them and an accomplishment that they can feel proud of when we reach the close of this story.  But we are most excited about reading this story together with them as it is an incredible opportunity to share the Great Story which inspired C.S. Lewis to put pen to paper with this story in the first place – the story of a King who came and stooped down low to save and redeem and break his people free from the cold grip of sin and death.


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